Do you ever have the feeling that paying taxes is inevitable in retirement? Thankfully there are ways that you can reduce your tax bill. Join our Educational Webinar: Taxes in Retirement – 6 Ways to beat the system for strategies that you can use to keep more money in your pocket.

This complimentary webinar will cover the following topics:

• The RRSP & RRIF Tax Bomb (5:48)
• Splitting income with your Spouse (11:25)
• Using a Debt Swap (18:17)
• Tax-Free MTAR Accounts (26:10)
• The $140,000 GIS Maximization Strategy (29:51)
• Tax-Efficient Asset Location (33:22)

If you’d like to discuss your personal situation and explore your financial options, feel free to book a complimentary appointment through the link below or by getting in contact with Marc at

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Marc Sabourin is a Winnipeg based Financial Advisor and Retirement Specialist with Harbourfront Wealth Management. His specialty is working with pre-retirees and retirees who are looking for retirement, investment, & tax advice. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of Marc Sabourin, Certified Financial Planner, and Investment Advisor and not necessarily those of Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc., member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund