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Most advisors only get paid if they can sell you an investment product. We believe this is a conflict of interest and isn’t always in the client’s best interest, which is why we’re proud to offer per-hour planning options in addition to the traditional portfolio management fee-based models.

PT Feature Column (3)
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  •    Retirement Planning
    Includes retirement projections and recommendations to get you on track
  •    Tax Planning
    Includes advice on reducing your tax-bill today and in the future
  •    Estate Planning
    Review of your will and beneficiaries to make sure what you want to see happen will happen
  •    Insurance Planning
    Advice on life, disability, and critical illness insurance
  •    Cash Flow Planning
    Debt & cash flow management advice
  •    Advice Structure
    Our commitment length
  • Farm Planning
  •    Farm Retirement Planning
    Includes custom farm retirement projections and recommendations
  •    Farm Tax Planning
    Includes projected tax-bills for different farm transition scenarios & access to our team of farm professionals
  •    Farm Succession Planning
    Includes a comprehensive succession plan, reviewed by an accountant, lawyer, banker, financial planner, and insurance agent.
  • Portfolio Management
  •    Low-Cost Investing
    We mostly use ETFs to build portfolios vs. costly mutual funds
  •    Alternative Investments
    Private lending and private equity options
  •    Strategic Tax Loss Harvesting
    Tax management of your non-registered accounts
  •    Fully Diversified Portfolio
    Access to different markets and asset classes
  •    Bear Market Strategies
    Investment solutions to take advantage of bear markets
  •    Tax-Efficient Investments
    Investment tax strategy to ensure your investment are growing tax-efficiently in the correct accounts (RRSP, TFSA, etc.)
  •    Proper Rebalancing Techniques
    Investment strategy to ensure you’re selling high and buying low
  •    Behavioral Finance Coaching
    Help navigating the emotional ups and downs of markets
PT Column 1
  •    Hourly
  • If applicable
  • If applicable
  • If applicable
  •    $250/hr
PT Column 3
  •    Ongoing
  • If applicable
  • If applicable
  • If applicable
  •    See Below
    Fees vary based on portfolio size. $500,000 minimum portfolio size. Professional Hockey players are excluded from this minimum.

Disclaimer: As of April 26, 2022. All fees and services are subject to change and do not include GST/HST. Fee for Service arrangements are provided by Harbourfront Estate Planning Services Inc. and are charged on an hourly basis. Full disclosure of fees and scope of the relationship is written in our “Fee for Service engagement letter”. Upon completion of the Fee for Service arrangement, our obligations will terminate, and we will not be under any obligations to update or monitor your financial plan moving forward.

Portfolio Management Fees

Portfolio Size


$500,000 – $1,000,000


$1,000,000 – $3,000,000


$3,000,000 – $5,000,000


$5,000,000 – $10,000,000




Disclaimer: As of April 26, 2022. All fees and services are subject to change and do not include GST/HST. Fees vary based on account size and investment. The minimum portfolio size is $500,000; however, professional hockey players are excluded from this minimum.

*The Hemmett Anseeuw & Associates team was named a finalist for the Wealth Professional  Advisory Team of the Year (10 staff or more) in 2019, 2020, & 2021 through the Wealth Professional Magazine and won the award in 2019. These are not paid awards. Harbourfront Wealth Management is not a sponsor. Wealth Professional Advisory Team of the Year (10 staff or more) nominations are based off year over year AUM growth, employee value proposition (business development support, marketing support, education, training, philanthropy), overall client service and relationship management, growth strategy, spirit of innovation with the use of wealth technology and digital platforms/tools, and industry reputation. Finalist chosen by Wealth Professional Magazine. Wealth Professional is a free online information resource for all Canadian advice and planning professionals. The Hemmett Anseeuw & Associates team has earned the recognition of Chairman’s Club status within Harbourfront Wealth Management. This is an internal award based on AUM and internal firm criteria.