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Significant changes being proposed to the CSSB pension

If you have a CSSB pension, there could be significant changes coming that will affect how the commuted value of your pension is calculated. As I’ve mentioned in the past (Pension or Lump Sum, How to Decide), you will have a choice to make upon your retirement as to how you would like to receive…

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Financial Advice for Manitoba Hydro Employees

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several clients who work or have retired from Manitoba Hydro. While each person’s financial situation is different, some commonalities exist amongst those sharing and employer. This guide identifies those shared characteristics and provides advice regarding their financial planning implications. What makes your financial situation unique? As an employee…

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Buy Low Sell High

Your last chance to buy low

As I write this on April 29th, 2020, US markets have bounced back 31.38% over five weeks from their March 23rd lows. For those of you who invested when markets were down 30%, well done. You have made a rapid 30%. If you hesitated or you still have some cash sitting on the sidelines, I…

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A Simple Formula to Calculate What Is Fair

Figuring out how much your non-farming children should receive when you pass away compared to your farming child is tough. As I’m sure you’ve heard, fair doesn’t always mean equal when it comes to farm transition planning. To help you get started on coming up with a “fair amount,” here’s a formula you can use.…

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